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Brothers Meet at the Beach

Wednesday August 23, 2017

Last month GDB graduate and GDB alumni board member Deanna Lewis traveled from Ohio to our California campus with her guide dog Mambo. After spending time on campus and after attending our GDB Fun Day, the pair were able to spend a whole day exploring Marin County with Mambo's puppy raiser Karen. While making their way to the airport they decided to make one last stop at the beach. While they were there the group spotted a yellow Lab wearing a Dogs 4 Diabetics service dog vest, who just so happened to be Mambo's brother Milton! Milton was placed with Dogs 4 Diabetics after being career changed and now he works with a young man in the San Francisco Bay Area. What an amazing coincidence that these two brothers would be at the same beach at the very same time?!

We love how the GDB community has a way of connecting so many different people and dogs together!

Thank you, Deanna and Mambo for sharing this great story with us.

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