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Discover the Magic of GDB

Wednesday December 07, 2022

A person holds a sleeping Golden Retriever puppy in their arms. The pup has a large holiday bow around its neck and candles glow in the background.

There’s a special magic about Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB). Some might say it’s the dogs. These courageous guides who change people’s lives. But there’s magic in the people too. Like the thousands of volunteers who help us every step of the way; our dedicated staff who work their magic to ensure each dog’s potential; our donors who fund our life-changing mission, and our clients who are achieving their dreams—all at no cost to them.

During this season of giving, we want to highlight some of this magic expressed by our GDB community in their own words.

“I have been a puppy raiser and puppy raising leader. I have had three career-change dogs and one retired guide dog. The program is organized, well run, and changes the lives of both alumni and volunteers. The sight of a working guide makes me misty.” –Jan Seals, Donor and Legacy Society member

“I wanted to give back by sharing my time, energy, and effort.” –Guide Dog Client Colleen Madigan, who volunteers on our Oregon campus with her guide dog, Ted. Colleen helps orient new clients to our Oregon campus and residence hall and works in the residence dining room every Friday.

“GDB has been around for 80 years. Think how many lives it has impacted! Guide Dogs for the Blind and its donors have been like angels to me, and they always will be.” –Rob Moreno, Guide Dog Client

“It takes a village to raise a guide dog! From the expert care at GDB’s Puppy Center to the nurturing care from puppy raisers and skilled guide dog instructors, everyone works together to make it all happen. I’m still in awe of the entire process.” –Lora Harrison, Donor, Volunteer Puppy Raiser, and Puppy Club Leader

“We are committed to providing a lifetime of support to all our clients. Because without the right support, people don’t just miss out on improved mobility, they miss out on living more abundant, inclusive lives.” –Marc Gillard, GDB Director of Rehabilitation Services Outreach

“I love knowing that my gift assists with the cost of creating a working guide dog team. Guide dogs help GDB clients live a fuller life without limits.” –Louie Yale, Donor

“Our experience with the organization has been very rewarding. To meet people who have been partnered with a guide dog is very inspiring. If more organizations had the philosophy and drive and were run as well as Guide Dogs for the Blind, this would be a better world.” – Jerry and Roxie Enneking, Donors and Legacy Society members

“GDB's level of transparency, stewardship, and clear metrics for accountability mean a lot to me. I am also a highly active volunteer - breeder custodian, commuter foster care provider, puppy socializer, brood welcomer, development events committee member, and docent. I am always well trained, supported, and feel valued. Thank you, GDB.” –Tracy Hoffman, Volunteer, Donor, and Legacy Society member

“My guide dogs, Freida, Angela, and now Buddy, have been the next best thing to having my sight back. Jim and I are so very grateful and want to ensure that others can have this life-changing experience! We are enthusiastically including GDB in our estate planning.” –Vickie and Jim Kennedy, Guide Dog Client (Vickie), Donors, and Legacy Society members

“Our family foundation supports Guide Dogs for the Blind because it truly makes an impact on people. Our passion for animals and our goal to contribute to organizations that are focused on making lives better is what GDB does. Their life-changing mission is evident in all they do.” –The Travers Family, Donors

“The more I’ve learned about GDB and the community it serves, the more I’ve wanted to broaden my involvement. I’ve met some of the greatest people through GDB. It’s been an enriching experience that’s changed my life.” –Jenny Collins, Volunteer Puppy Raiser and Donor

“I always tell people that GDB receives no government funding and relies on donor support. We’re proud to fund the initial launch of this program and hope other funders offer additional support.” –Elizabeth Gard, Donor and Volunteer Puppy Raiser, who along with her husband, Tom, made a significant multi-year pledge to launch the Gard Furlong Canine Research Program to support a research and development program that will provide recommendations to improve the success and longevity of GDB program dogs.

“I have friends who have guide dogs, friends who are puppy raisers, or have career change dogs. We are all ambassadors of the program. That’s very powerful.” –Mina Sun, whose son, Kai, has a K9 Buddy

“At GDB, we are committed to providing exceptional training to fit our clients’ individualized needs so they can live the life they want to live.” –Jeff Grey, Master Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

Indeed, there is a special magic about the people and dogs of GDB who enrich lives and strengthen bonds within our communities. We’re grateful every day to all of those who are connected to our mission in so many ways. Thank you for being such wonderful ambassadors of our work!

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