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Dog Safety Tips

Friday September 03, 2021

Yellow Lab guide dog in harness.

Whether you are making a plan to prepare for wildfires, power outages, or severe seasonal weather in your region, GDB can help you get started on an emergency preparedness plan for the dogs in your home. 

Preparing for an Emergency- Get a list of items that we recommend you have in your emergency kit and tips on how to prepare dogs for safe evacuation if needed.

Emergency Preparedness for Guide Dog Handlers- Listen to special tips and preparedness recommendations from our alumni association.

Hot Weather Safety Tips- The end of summer and early fall can still mean high temps in many areas of the country and other concerns like blue-green algae toxicity. Find tips on what to look for if your dog does get overheated.

Dogs and Poor Air Quality- Learn how to keep dogs safe during poor air quality events such as wildfire smoke.

Holiday Safety Tips- Halloween through the holidays is usually a busy time of year, so start planning early for holiday celebrations that are safe for our four-legged family members.

Cold Weather Safety Tips- Learn how to keep dogs safe before the temperatures drop and you'll have a better chance at keeping everyone healthy and safe.

If you are a GDB client in need of support or with a veterinary emergency, contact our Support Center at 800.295.4050 for more information or assistance.

GDB Volunteers, please contact your Puppy Club Leader if you need more information about how you can prepare for an emergency.

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