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Five Tips on How to Enter a Winning Photo in Our Puparazzi Photo Contest

Monday April 02, 2018

Our fifth annual Puparazzi Photo Calendar Contest is in full swing and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing entries! Each year we are so amazed at our participants’ generosity and the very fun and competitive spirit around our contest. So in honor of our fifth year, we have decided to share five helpful tips to ensure all of our participants have the tools they need to be one of our 2018-2019 Puparazzi Photo Calendar Contest winners! 


GDB alum Richard King and GDB alum Paula Pinheiro sit in a meadow with their guide dogs Nadia (black Lab) and Joanie (yellow Lab)

1. Bigger is BETTER

When it comes to submitting your favorite photo, please ensure that the photo is high-resolution. A high resolution file is 8 megapixels or larger so that means many cell phone photos will not qualify! The bigger the file, the better! 


Two female volunteer puppy raisers pose for a photo with their guide dog puppies in training who are both wearing green GDB puppy coats. The puppy raiser on the left is holding a Golden Retriever puppy and the puppy raiser on the right is holding a black Lab puppy.

2. Horizontal not vertical

Remember that this is a calendar contest so all of the winning submissions must be horizontal (landscape) to fit our annual calendar template. 


GDB alum Jane Flower gives her Lab/Golden cross guide dog Anya a kiss. Anya is laying on a rock while she is wearing a guide dog harness. 

3. Branding is key

If you are planning on entering into our "Guide Dog Puppy" or "Working Guide Dog" categories dogs must be shown wearing our new GDB puppy coats or guide dog harnesses. Even if the dog's status may have changed since the photo was taken we encourage you to still submit your photo in the category that fits the photo best.


A female volunteer puppy raisers smiles as she sits on the ground with her black Lab guide dog puppy. The puppy is wearing an (outdated) green GDB puppy coat.

4. Pawsitive photos only!

All photos/videos in all categories must show dogs being handled in an appropriate manner and avoid polarizing situations (e.g., a photo should not show a puppy or adult dog being held upside-down or in potentially harmful situation, even if the intent is humor).


A female volunteer puppy raiser gives her yellow Lab guide dog puppy a hug. The guide dog puppy is wearing an (outdated) green GDB puppy coat. The pair are pictured in a forrest and the puppy is sitting on a down tree stump.

5. Include a photo description

Photo descriptions are important because they keep our contest as accessible as possible. Please provide photo captions for all submissions, and include the name(s) of the dog(s) and any people in the image, and a brief description of the photo. Example of a descriptive photo caption: Yellow Lab guide dog puppy Buffy posing in front of a field of colorful wildflowers.

Thank you for helping us raise funds for our life-changing mission! Don’t forget to encourage your community to enter and VOTE at: 

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