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Meet your RAD Committee

Wednesday July 29, 2020

RAD Committee – stands for Raiser Appreciation Division

The Raiser Appreciation Division’s mission is to ensure GDB’s puppy raiser retention by showing meaningful recognition and appreciation to the GDB puppy raising community; developing inclusive, creative, and evolving ways to recognize the hard work and dedication of our raisers. 13 wonderful raisers and leaders have volunteered to be a voice of each of their territories, chosen from a diverse cross-section of the puppy raising community. These individuals are: 

  • Braden Gabler San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Chandler Stokes Dallas, TX
  • Char Phillips Vashon, WA (Leader)
  • Colleen Moss Reno, NV (Leader)
  • Emilia Podesta Berkeley, CA
  • Kathi Titus Seattle, WA 
  • Kathy Hinz Corvallis, OR (Leader)
  • Michael Brobst Denver East, CO
  • Pam Mandujano Salt Lake Tech, UT
  • Remy Glovin Davis CA
  • Rick Wait Ventura, CA (Leader)
  • Tabitha Ojala Anaheim, CA
  • Wendy Riggs San Antonio, TX 

Alongside them are GDB staff members:

  • Emily Brown Novato, CA
  • Gail Horn San Ramon, CA
  • Lauren Grimditch Boulder, CO
  • Linda Kwitchoff Portland, OR
  • Nicole Cacy South Jordan, UT
  • Summer McCormick San Francisco, CA 

Together, we are brainstorming ways to not only continue to appreciate and recognize our amazing puppy raisers for their service, but also to diversify the way we do this. Coming together as a group from all different ages, puppy raising experience levels, and territories will not only help us get a better understanding of how raisers are feeling but how we can best support, encourage, recognize, and appreciate all that they do for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Visit our Puppy Raising page to learn more about this unique volunteer service project. 

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