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New Guide Dog Mobility Instructor: Calone Nathaniel

Tuesday November 06, 2018

Congratulations to one of our newest Guide Dog Mobility Instructors, Calone Nathaniel. Calone has officially completed her three-year GDB instructor apprenticeship that required practical, hands-on experience in training both our dogs and our clients, as well as a comprehensive academic course of study.

Calone hails from Berkeley, Calif., and currently resides in the East Bay. Her passion for animals began earlier than she can remember. She worked with dogs in a professional setting throughout her teen years before relocating to Los Angeles where she studied Interior Design and worked in the film, fashion, and design industries. Calone returned to the Bay Area in 2011, accepting a position at GDB as a Canine Welfare Technician prior to becoming an Apprentice in 2015. Her favorite part of the job is conducting follow-up visits in our clients home areas where she feels she gets to see "all the pieces truly come together." During her free time she enjoys hiking and camping with her two German Shepherd Dogs, Tilden and Keystone.

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