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New Guide Dog Mobility Instructor: Jack England

Thursday August 08, 2019

Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, Jack England, kneeling next to yellow Lab guide dog wearing a harness.

From a volunteer puppy raiser to a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor – congratulations Jack England! Jack recently completed his three-year GDB instructor apprenticeship and his journey to this impressive accomplishment is a terrific story. Jack’s initial introduction to GDB was as a volunteer puppy raiser for several years during high school. In addition to puppy raising, he worked in a doggie day care during both high school and college.

Jack was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where his mother still lives. His undergraduate degree is in biology from the University of Utah and he now lives in San Francisco with his boyfriend and 11-year-old career change Labrador, Arden. In addition to Arden, who is the first puppy Jack raised, the newest member of the family is a two-year-old pug named Beans. Jack has two older sisters – one lives in Portland and the other, lives in Santa Cruz.

When asked about his work, Jack said, “I love working with these incredible dogs and witnessing the lightbulb moments they have as they progress through training. It’s really neat. I always love seeing a client’s reaction when they first receive their dog as well. I also like how this job keeps me challenged and engaged every day, while being a rewarding experience as well!”

When Jack’s not hard at work training guide dogs, he enjoys rock climbing, juggling, hiking and camping, and wildlife photography.

Congratulations Jack!

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