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Welcome to the Australian Litter

Thursday August 13, 2020

A yellow Lab newborn puppy sleeps with its littermates in the GDB Puppy Center.

GDB remains committed to serving the global blindness community and helping clients from across North America and beyond by actively participating in the International Guide Dog Federation. We also greatly enjoy sharing our insights and knowledge with guide dog schools from around the world in a variety of ways. 

We are especially proud of our efforts to support the genetic diversity of guide dogs through exchanges of breeding stock and puppies. This practice has enhanced each partnering school’s progress in reproductive practices, canine selection strategies and has ultimately improved the services provided for people with visual impairments. Because GDB operates the largest breeding colony in North America, international collaboration not only contributes to the genetic diversity of our own breeding colony, but also our reach and impact. Genetic diversity ensures that we have the highest quality dogs to partner with our students and that we put our teams in the best possible position to have long and successful partnerships. 

In December 2019, GDB donated a yellow Lab breeder to Guide Dogs Queensland (GDQ) in order to help them further enhance their breeding program. We are excited to share that this was a successful pairing and Breeder Dog Valisa recently welcomed her first litter for GDQ. 

See the recent story on KPIX welcoming Valisa’s litter earlier this month. 

To learn more about GDB's Guide Dog Breeding program, visit our Breeding & Whelping page.