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Three guide dog mobility instructors crossing a street with guide dogs in training.

Guide Dog Mobility Instructors

Let your teaching heart guide you here.

Being a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor with GDB is a special role that requires intelligence, emotional fortitude, and a love for both people and animals. What could be more rewarding than training a dog to fulfill its purpose as a guide, than working closely with a client and dog to secure the bond and ensure the team’s success? You’ll enjoy a sense of accomplishment every day knowing that your work is a crucial part of our mission.

If you can't access the online application, please send us your cover letter and resume by e-mail to [email protected].

Largest guide dog school in North America and an industry leader

Certified by the International Guide Dog Federation, with 3 staff members who are IGDF assessors

We specialize in R+ Operant Conditioning and positive reinforcement-based training

Why a Career in Our Training Department

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