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A trio of canine welfare training technicians posing with three dogs on some colorful play structures in our Oregon kennel complex.

Kennel Technicians

Let your hands-on nature guide you here.

If you love working with dogs and want to be part of a great team that is committed to quality, hard work, and excellent care, consider joining GDB as a Training Kennel Technician or Neonatal Kennel Technician. You will ensure that our puppies and dogs are healthy and thriving as they grow, are trained, and become a special match for a person who is visually impaired or blind. Ultimately, you are playing a rewarding part in helping someone regain their independence while you expand your skills and work with an amazing team.

If you can't access the online application, please send us your cover letter and resume by e-mail to [email protected].

We work with dogs at a variety of ages, from puppies to adults

On an average day, we provide care for up to 120 adult dogs in 4 kennels

Our team has tremendous experience, spanning from new hires to 30+ years

Why Kennel Technician Roles

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Community Programs and Puppy Raising
Community Programs and Puppy Raising Kennel Technicians Support Roles Veterinary

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