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A yellow Lab guide dog puppy against a wooded background.

Litter of Love Catalog

Celebrate puppy love with a gift to GDB!

Gifts for Future Guides

STARTING OFF ON THE RIGHT PAW. Puppies in our socialization program encounter all kinds of new things β€” like stairways, grates, different surfaces, and unusual objects β€” all so they become flexible and facile learners as well as learn how to handle different types of terrain.

Tools of the Trade

EVERYTHING A DOG IN TRAINING NEEDS. Between 15 and 17 months of age, puppies return to the GDB campus from the homes of their puppy raisers so that they can begin formal training to become exceptional guide dogs.

Gifts for Graduates

SUPPORTING BONDS THAT LAST A LIFETIME. Once our dogs have completed training and know how to guide, they are ready to enter β€œclass training”: when fully trained dogs are matched with clients enrolled in our classes. You can play a role in creating a guide dog team by helping to cover the cost of training for clients to attend our classes.

Help Power GDB

Your donation enables us to raise puppies, equip clients, and serve alumni.

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