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A female GDB staff veterinarian examines the ear of a Golden Retriever (whose face is being held by a volunteer) in the vet clinic

Veterinary Financial Assistance Program

Our commitment to the health and wellness of GDB dogs.

Guide Dogs for the Blind provides financial assistance for veterinary care as needed for all of our working guide dog and K9 Buddy teams. GDB’s Veterinary Financial Assistance Program (VFA) is designed to:

  • Provide appropriate financial support for GDB clients requiring veterinary attention for their guide dogs or K9 Buddy dogs
  • Ensure that finances are not a barrier to guide dogs or K9 Buddy dogs receiving appropriate veterinary care
  • Provide health information to GDB for each guide dog and K9 Buddy dog on a regular basis
  • Help manage veterinary-related expenses for the responsible stewardship of donor contributions

The VFA program is dependent on a partnership role with our clients. For those in need of this program, it is important that you understand your responsibilities in achieving care for your dog, provide information to GDB, and be proactive in managing your dog’s veterinary-related expenses.

Please refer to the info sheets below to answer questions you may have, or please call the Support Center for assistance at 800.295.4050. 

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