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Puppy Raising Branding Guidelines

Thank you for your ongoing support of GDB. We love that our puppy raisers are helping us build our brand and we want to make sure we all work together to do that in the most consistent and compelling fashion possible. 

Puppy Club Name Guidelines

To keep consistency for all puppy clubs, the names of the clubs follow the same format. Example: Guide Dogs for the Blind – {City} Puppy Raisers. We ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Please always use the full name of the club in writing, online, or when speaking about your club (especially with media opportunities). Please do not shorten to exclude either element of the club name (Guide Dogs for the Blind or the city descriptor). Similarly, please do not shorten the club name to use the acronym GDB in place of the organization’s full name. 
  • Please use a dash in the name (not a comma, slash, space, or any other character or marker). 

Written Style Guidelines

It is very important that puppy raising clubs distinguish themselves and their activities (especially fundraising), from that of Guide Dogs for the Blind. As such, we ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • When referencing your puppy club, please always use the club’s complete name. Example: Guide Dogs for the Blind - {City} Puppy Raisers.
  • When referencing our organization, please always use our complete name on the first mention: Guide Dogs for the Blind. The abbreviated GDB can be used in subsequent mentions. If you abbreviate, use GDB, not Guide Dogs.
  • Please capitalize the organization’s name as follows: Guide Dogs for the Blind.
  • If you are referring to our wonderful puppies and dogs use lowercase as this is the more general use of the word, not our proper name e.g., guide dogs in training, guide dogs are awesome, GDB guide dogs rock…

Apparel and Materials for Media and Public-Facing Events

We ask that for any media appearances, or participation in any events that are open to the public, puppy raisers wear the blue puppy raising shirt that is provided to you.

In addition, please only have materials on hand that reflect the current branding as well. That includes signage, banners, pop-up tents, posters, flyers, handouts, etc.

Club Logos and Logo Usage

  • Each puppy club is provided with two versions of a club-specific logo, as well as two versions of a generic puppy raiser logo (plural and singular) that can be used for items/materials that are not club-specific. Three different digital file types are available for each version of the puppy raising logos: JPG, PNG, and AI. If you need additional sizes or formats, please message [email protected].
    • JPG FILES – Best all-around file type for most business-related needs, like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Also appropriate for web-based needs.
    • PNG FILES – Best to use when you need a transparent background, like in Powerpoint presentations or Publisher documents. Also appropriate for web-based needs, and can be used in Word/Excel as well.
    • AI FILES – For professional printing only (unless you have vector illustration editing software, like Adobe Illustrator, you will not be able to open these files). They are the best file type to send to print vendors for projects like banners, promotional items, and commercial print projects. 
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind’s corporate logo CANNOT BE USED BY PUPPY CLUBS FOR ANY PURPOSE, including but not limited to: apparel, marketing materials, or online channels (social media accounts, websites, etc.).
  • Everything that puppy clubs produce needs to use the puppy raising logos (either your club-specific logo, or one of the generic puppy raising logos). This includes logos on apparel, hard goods (including promotional items or sales items), websites, social media accounts, etc.
  • When using the puppy club logos in your materials, we ask that you please adhere to the following:
    • The elements of the puppy club logos MAY NOT BE SEPARATED FROM EACH OTHER, NOR CAN THOSE ELEMENTS BE USED ON THEIR OWN FOR ANY PURPOSE. The person/dog icon and all text must remain together as provided.
    • Please do not rearrange or otherwise alter the elements of the logos.
    • Please do not reproduce or recreate different versions of the logos, including hand-drawn versions.
    • Puppy raising logos must be reproduced in either black or white. Exceptions must be approved by GDB’s Marketing Department
    • For any/all club materials or merchandise, please keep ample white space around the puppy raising logo to maximize visual effectiveness. Puppy raising logos should be separate and distinct from other graphic elements in your design, if applicable.
    • For apparel, we highly suggest using two imprint areas to ensure that the club logo remains clear and distinct from any other graphic elements.

Design Guidelines

We want puppy clubs to be able to express their own personalities in their materials. We do have a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Please use your best judgment about product branding. Items should be both relevant and appropriate to represent Guide Dogs for the Blind.
  • If you are using photos to produce items, make sure you are using high-resolution images that feature breeds we are currently working with – Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and crosses. Please also be certain that the pups depicted in photos are wearing the most current puppy coats and other approved gear/equipment.
  • If you are using graphics or illustrations, we’d prefer that you use realistic artwork – line drawings are ok, but no stick figures. As with photos, images need to accurately include/depict current GDB breeds – Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and crosses.
  • When creating new puppy club materials (especially clothing or items intended for sale), please share your designs with us for approval before they get produced. We are excited to see what you come up with. Please send your designs to the GDB Marketing Department at [email protected].
  • A puppy raising logo should appear on all puppy raising merchandise or materials in at least one location.

The following is a chart of GDB’s brand colors that puppy clubs are welcome to incorporate into their club’s printed materials. Please note that the green color in the palette is what we use most in relation to puppy raising, and you are welcome to do the same.

For apparel, clubs ARE NOT limited to this color palette – you can choose any color in the rainbow for your club shirts, or any apparel/sales items.


The following are the fonts used in GDB’s corporate brand that puppy clubs are welcome to incorporate into their club materials.

  • Main font: Gotham. A .zip file of the typeface is available in the online Puppy Raising Manual (Policies and Procedures > Marketing and Social Media).
  • Secondary font: Arial (widely available on most computer operating systems).

Online Channels


It is our recommendation that puppy clubs create new email addresses that reflect their club names, and we suggest that you use gmail as a free, easy way to create an account. We ask that all new club email addresses use the following naming convention: gdb{city}[email protected]


In order to present consistent and cohesive branding of all puppy clubs online, it is our strong recommendation that puppy clubs not maintain independent websites, and focus any online efforts to Facebook and/or online tools such as Google Docs instead. We realize however, that is not the ideal solution for all clubs. If you do maintain a website, we ask that your site’s URL reflects your club’s name with the naming convention used in this example: gdb{city}

Other club website requirements:

  • The website must be regularly maintained, and always reflect the most current Puppy Raising Branding Guidelines.
  • Your club’s name and logo need to appear on the site.
  • All images on the site must be current and reflect the most up-to-date puppy raising equipment (puppy coats, head collars, leashes, toys, etc.).
  • The site must adhere to GDB’s Social Media Guidelines for Volunteers, available in the online Puppy Raising Manual (Policies and Procedures > Marketing and Social Media).
  • Please do not promote or market an independent puppy club website to people outside of your club. In puppy club materials intended for audiences other than your immediate club members, we ask that you include GDB’s main website,, since it is the most robust, up-to-date place for information about our programs.


Social Media provides a place where the puppy club branding and representation of GDB’s overall brand and mission can be cohesive and unified. Maintaining puppy raising club accounts also assists with overall awareness of our mission, volunteer recruitment, and online search engine optimization for GDB.

In order to keep club profiles consistent, please use the following naming convention for social media channels:


  • Name- "GDB {City} Puppy Raisers" 
  • Profile Photo- Please use the GDB Puppy Raiser logo against the green background as your profile image.
  • About - Guide Dogs for the Blind – [Insert your club City, State] Puppy Raisers are proud to raise guide dog puppies for the largest guide dog school in North America.
  • Website -


  • Name - “@GDB{City}PuppyRaisers”
  • Profile Photo - Please use the GDB Puppy Raiser logo against the green background as your profile image.
  • Bio - please add the following, customizing the location: Volunteer puppy raising club for @gdb_official located in {City, STATE}."
  • Website URL –

Other Platforms

If you’re interested in creating a Puppy Raising Club account on other social media channels, we encourage you to reach out to the Marketing team to discuss any additional standards or guidelines for profiles.


Contact Guide Dogs for the Blind’s Marketing Department at [email protected] for questions about the guidelines, policies, and files detailed above.